Unbiased Expertise
by DC Byte’s
Data Centre Consulting

We pride ourselves on providing impartial and dependable information and guidance. We do not offer brokerage or agency services, which ensures that our data and advice are unbiased and grounded in sound research.

Our services encompass industry consulting, strategic advice and commercial due diligence support. Leveraging industry expertise, extensive network of contacts and intelligence platform, we are able to offer valuable insights to their clients.

Why Use DC Byte Consultancy Services


Market Knowledge

Our multilingual consultants and analysts provide a wealth of data centre, real estate and financial knowledge in the form of bespoke reports, presentations and consultancy.


Track Record

DC Byte has provided market reports, investment analysis, funding reviews, site analysis and strategy development assistance to FTSE 100s, data centre operators, financial enterprises, and real estate developers.


Robust Database

Gain insights fuelled by the latest information derived from our up-to-date analytics across global data centre markets.


Individual Market Reports

DC Byte’s analyst team is well-positioned to provide customized solutions for research projects related to data centre or digital infrastructure requirements. These reports typically include a wide range of data and analysis, including market size, growth rate, key market drivers, challenges, opportunities, competitive landscape and regulatory frameworks. The reports may also delve into specific sub-segments or regional markets within the industry to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics. Professionals can stay updated with the latest market trends and developments, enhancing their expertise and decision-making capabilities.

Site Selection & Location Analysis

The process of site selection and location analysis begins with understanding the client’s specific needs, including their target market, industry, operational requirements, customer base, and logistical considerations. With a combination of geographics information systems, data analysis tools and industry expertise, we provide unbiased analysis that enables business to make business decisions and minimize risks.

Strategy Review & Commercial Due Diligence

We help clients evaluate and review their current strategies while employing various methodologies such as data analysis, benchmarking, market research and stakeholder interviews to gather insights and assess the performance of the existing strategies. By leveraging comprehensive analysis, industry expertise, and actionable recommendations, companies can refine their strategies, improve competitiveness, and drive sustainable growth.

Bespoke Offerings

We offer customized and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual clients through a collaborative and consultative approach. These bespoke offerings enables clients to have a greater level of control and involvement resulting in a premium value proposition with its exclusivity and distinctiveness.