The Premier Analytics Platform For Accessing Global Data Center Market Intelligence

With the dedicated support of our analysts, our transformative Analytics app provides you with the tools to deep dive and understand data center markets at a glance, empowering you to make informed decisions.

View detailed, aggregated information on over 6,700 data centers around the world including hyperscale, self-build and colocation facilities.

Why Use DC Byte Analytics


Real time information

Stay informed on data center assets including quarterly facility reviews and dedicated market inspections.


Customize your search

Our flexible proprietary tools empower you to evaluate and segment data from our extensive database in custom ways.


Gain valuable insights

Services enabling our customers to being informed and developing an actionable strategy.

Key Highlights

DC Bytes market analytics dashboard

Market Analytics

Dive into insights by region or specific markets in EMEA, APAC or the Americas, customize your views by segment and pull reports at a touch of a button. Get access to raw data for any market, ready for your graphs and presentations.

Company Analytics

View data center assets by operators and gain instant insights on their footprint across geographies. Sort their facilities by capacity and see where they rank on leaderboards across global markets.

DC Bytes company analytics overview
DC Bytes data centre location search

Supplier Analytics

Search through an extensive database of suppliers currently used by operators and explore data center locations worldwide. Find valuable insights for your colocation data center planning with our powerful analytics tool.

Key Features

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Market Analytics

Get high level, market-specific insights at a glance. Insights include:

  • Nuanced breakdowns of live and pipeline megawatts in the market, with in-development capacity distributed across three further categories
  • Availability rates and capacities at live, colocation facilities
  • Market proportions by colocation and self-build facilities

Identify key operators in the market based on aggregated capacities across facilities in the market. Filter at a touch based on capacity type.

Generate market supply growth at a click, aggregated by the quarter or year. Glean details on take-up transactions across facilities in the market.

Track take-up distributions across different clients types. Self-build capacities categorized by type of operator. Gain insights on trends by the quarter or year.

Deep dive into market capacity categories broken down by type of facility (colocation or self-build facilities), capacity category (live or pipeline) as well as vacancy status (available or contracted).

Capacity distributed by operator – captured by megawatts and proportion of the market. Generate total market outlooks, or toggle it by selected capacity categories.

Company Analytics

Get a global overview of a company’s data center assets, dissected by capacity category and geographical region.

Dive deeper into the company’s footprint dissected by selected geographical boundaries – regionally, or at the country level. Get insights on number of properties and percentage proportions at a glance.

Understand the company’s expansions and growth over the years, represented by number of properties

Search through database of suppliers used by operators in each region or country.