Streamlined Site Selection

Providing you with innovative tools tailored for the data center industry. It serves as a comprehensive platform for gathering, storing and structuring essential data needed for making informed decisions.

The site selector tool significantly expedites and simplifies the site selection process, accelerating the site evaluation procedure, saving considerable time and resources.

Why Use Site Selector?


Site Viability

Evaluate the feasibility of potential sites by comparing properties based on various criteria. Assign site viability scores on a customizable table ranging from 1 to 10.


Custom Maps

Facilitates user analysis of potential sites or existing facilities using a personalized map. Users can layer external and DC Byte datasets, including flood mapping, flight paths, availability zones, fiber routes, nearby substations, and hazard information.


Project Milestones

Generate an audit trail, mark project milestones, and foster alignment across distributed real estate teams.


Property Pages

Create individual property pages containing vital details, images, technical information, etc. Develop a private property library for current and future reference.