DC Byte accelerates growth plans to support demand for global data centre intelligence

We report on how we’ve reached significant milestones in the business

May 18, 2021

DC Byte, the leading data centre research and analytics platform, has today announced it has reached significant milestones within the business, achieved since the close of 2020.

Guided by the demands of customers, and with very clear direction from potential investors in the market, DC Byte has extended its data centre insights to take on a global data perspective – now extending its reach beyond EMEA to the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

“We’ve seen a significant uptake in both the number, and range, of customers subscribing to our services since the turn of the year,” commented Ed Galvin, Founder and CEO of DC Byte. “Whilst enquiries vary from data centre operators and investors, to venture capital & private equity firms, through to institutional investors and suppliers to the data centre industry; it is clear that they all want more and better data across a wider variety of markets. Most interestingly, the pattern of research requirements suggests that data centres are now recognised as the most important asset class in real estate.”Taking a view on the developments presenting in the data centre markets, DC Byte has also identified a trend towards large international data centre operators and hyperscalers forming joint ventures with local companies as a vehicle to enter a new market. Galvin believes “this is something that is quite current with both the Iron Mountain (Web Werks) and EdgeConneX (Adani) partnerships in India and we would expect more to be confirmed.”  The company is also seeing a continued trend on hyperscale self-build and build-to-suit activity across a variety of metros, and the emergence of the Indian markets, led by Mumbai, as one of the fastest growing markets globally.

In addition to expanding its data reach, DC Byte has also made a number of key appointments in recent months, both doubling the overall headcount and trebling the size of the global research team – which is expected to further increase by the close of 2021 as the pursuit for comprehensive coverage across all territories continues.

To support this longer term vision, DC Byte has also successfully secured funding from a number of high profile investors with in-depth industry and commercial real estate experience including Michael Tobin, Guy Willner, Michael Egan and Christopher Egan. Recent funding rounds will enable the business to expand globally at a rapid pace as DC Byte customers demand ever greater amounts of data. Michael Egan’s experience is ideal to support the company’s growth in the Americas, whilst Willner adds strength to business development plans as a result of his vast knowledge of the emerging markets. Tobin, awarded an OBE in 2014 for services to the Digital Economy, also brings a wealth of expertise following an impressive career in the sector. Christopher Egan, Manager of Carruth Capital LLC, a leading commercial property owner and manager, brings significant insights into the property investment space.

“In a very short time we have established ourselves as the leading market provider in EMEA, opened a US office with an on-the-ground team in place and secured major investments,” added Galvin. “We are also seeing such a high level of interest in custom research projects that we have created a dedicated team to ensure the quality and responsiveness of our reporting is maintained. Describing our growth as explosive seems dramatic – but it really is the most appropriate description for it in my opinion.”

“In a very short time we have established ourselves as the leading market provider in EMEA, opened a US office with an on-the-ground team in place and secured major investments.”

Edward Galvin, Founder & Chief Executive

New American Team | Image Robert McGowan