Dynamic Data Centre Activity in Southeast Europe

Emerging Horizons

December 14, 2023

The convergence of global trends and regional dynamics is reshaping the data centre landscape in Southeast Europe, presenting a captivating narrative of growth and strategic positioning.

Domestically, the motivation for digital transformation has been accentuated by the transformative impact of the pandemic, requiring businesses to fast-track their journey towards digitisation and embracing cloud solutions. Regionally, the oversaturation of established markets has prompted international operators to seek alternatives, with Southeast Europe emerging as an alternative destination.

The geographical advantages, coupled with enticing tax incentives, cost efficiencies, and ample land availability, collectively make this region an attractive proposition for international operators. Against this backdrop, Athens, Bucharest, and Zagreb have stood out, experiencing exponential growth over the last five years, and establishing themselves as significant players in the market of Southeast Europe. Athens, in particular, positions itself for significant growth with ongoing projects and a robust Early Stage capacity, signalling a forward-looking approach. In contrast, Sofia adopts a measured strategy, balancing Live and Under Construction capacities, while Bucharest and Zagreb demonstrate operational stability and a deliberate approach to Committed and Early Stage capacities.

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