Spain and Portugal Data Centre Markets

October 24, 2023

In recent years, Iberia has experienced an increasing level of interest and planned development, which is set to turn the peninsula into a considerable hub of activity in Southern Europe. 

Previously a region with comparatively little activity by European standards, Iberia’s recent growth can be attributed to an array of factors such as comparatively affordable land prices (outside of Madrid), greater
land availability around major urban hubs and growing connectivity options through cable landing facilities.

Whilst acknowledging that across the region, throughout several urban areas with their own developments and potential draws for data centres, it is undeniable that much of the activity and interest in the Iberian data centre market is still currently centred in Spain, specifically around the Metropolitan Madrid area.

With the more recent arrival of hyperscalers such as AWS and Microsoft in Spain, market growth in the country – and Iberia as a whole – has shown considerable growth. Relative to its current live capacity, the region now faces a development pipeline which will more than quadruple its current size, with increasingly large developments planned across the peninsula.

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