Africa’s Key Data Centre Markets

South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco

June 21, 2023

Africa has received strong attention from the investors, operators, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the data centre industry.

The FLAP-D markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin) are facing acute land and capacity constraints, with Amsterdam and Dublin introducing restrictive policies for data centres development. We are now seeing hyperscalers and operators demand expand into different regions, including Africa. In the continent, international operators are entering emerging markets and investors are seeking higher returns with fibre, submarine cables and data centre projects. The digital boom driven by the COVID-19 pandemic has grown the connectivity, mobile and internet usage for the entire continent.

Africa has 54 countries. However, the data centre development across the continent could be split into five main hubs: South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya. With the onset of hyperscale activity, South Africa became a major destination for data centre development, boasting as the most established market across Africa. We continue to see a range of economic growth, regulated framework, infrastructure, and technological standards across the African countries, with the investors and operators looking to enter new emerging markets.

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