Whitepaper: Data Centers in the Southeast USA

The Southeast USA data center market is currently
witnessing explosive growth.

May 23, 2024

The DC Byte Americas team embarked on a comprehensive road trip across the Southeast.

Starting in Miami, FL and concluding in Atlanta, GA, the goal was to inspect and tour numerous data center sites, gathering updated intelligence on the facilities and the market. This whitepaper highlights notable sites visited and discusses significant market developments.

Several factors have driven growth in the Southeast’s data center industry, particularly since 2018 when the Georgia State Government introduced attractive tax incentives. These incentives, along with plentiful and affordable land, strong power grid infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and extensive fiber routes, have made Atlanta a prime location for data center development, positioning it as a viable alternative to crowded tier 1 markets like Northern Virginia. This growth in Atlanta has sparked increasing interest and investment in other parts of the Southeast, especially North and South Carolina.

During their two-week trip across the Southeast, DC Byte conducted field research on data centers, visiting 125 sites across Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Covering 2,300 miles, they gathered data on nearly 5 GW of critical IT capacity, both operational and in development. This document offers detailed insights into current and prospective developments in the Southeast USA data center market, highlighting significant expansions by key players and emerging trends in colocation and hyperscale setups, showcasing the industry’s dynamism in the region.

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